Area of Concentrarion: Cell Biology


Research Line

Physiology of Cells and Molecules

Description: Study of cells, cytoplasmic and nuclear molecules, genomes. Cell chemistry. Protein, DNA and RNA manipulation. Cellular visualization. Internal cell organization. Cytoskeleton. Cell communication, cell junctions, cell adhesion.


Research Line

Pathology of Cells and Molecules

Description: Study of pathological cellular and molecular changes. Cell chemistry, protein manipulation, DNA and RNA, and cell visualization of pathological processes. Unscheduled cell death, necrosis. Cell cycle and cancer. Innate immunity and adaptation.


Research Line

Pathogenic Microorganisms

Description: Study of pathogenic microorganisms, with special emphasis on those with epidemiological importance in the Amazon Region. Pathogen-Host Interaction. Life cycle. Changes caused by pathogenic microorganisms in multicellular organisms.


Area of Concentration: Neuroscience


Research Line


Description: Sensory neurophysiology. Visual ecology. Neuroendocrinology. Neurochemistry.


Research Line


Description: Anatomical, physiological and biochemical study of neuropathologies of regional interest. Development of experimental models for neuropathologies of epidemiological importance.


Research Line


Description: Mechanisms of neural action of regional natural drugs.