Name: Real-time PCR

           Freezer - 80

           Micro Plate Reader


           Fluorescence Magnifier

           Fluorescence Microscope

Description: Multi-User Laboratory of the Graduate Program and Cell Biology

Multi-user: yes (x) no ()

Location: Institute of Biological Sciences - UFPA, 2nd floor.

Pieces of equipments: 6

Other Information: In molecular biology, real-time quantitative PCR (from English: real time quantitative PCR, short: RTq-PCR or qRT-PCR, also Real Time Detection PCR, short: RTD-PCR) is a laboratory technique based on polymerase chain reaction (PCR) principle to multiply nucleic acids and quantify the DNA obtained.

The real-time polymerization chain reaction combines the conventional PCR methodology with a fluorescence detection and quantification mechanism. The methodology allows the amplification, detection and quantification processes of DNA to be carried out in a single step, speeding up the results and reducing the risk of contamination of the sample and providing greater precision.

Microplate reading equipment for a wide variety of applications in research and routine. Patented optical design combined with self-calibration process, performed with each measurement, high performance and performance stability.